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Others 34, 1.

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One of the major concerns was that the census only counted those individuals who had Macedonian citizenship at the time. Since a highly restrictive citizenship law maceconia passed in, many ethnic minorities with long-standing ties to Macedonia were left without citizenship. See chapter on citizenship.

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Most ethnic Albanians and Turks live in the rural areas of the country's western and northern region, although there is also a large population of both groups in Skopje. Ethnic Serbs are predominantly in the north near the border with Serbia, while ethnic Roma are dispersed throughout the country in both the cities and rural areas, very often in isolated, ghetto-like areas.

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Macedonian Muslims live predominantly in the west. While there are mixed neighborhoods in Skopje and even some multi-ethnic villages, the different ethnic communities mostly live separate lives, especially Albanians and Macedonians. Different schools, religions and work environments keep the ethnic communities apart from one another. Macedonia has been a place of peaceful co-habitation but has relatively little inter-ethnic communication.

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As the economic situation deteriorates and political lines harden, the communications gap is becoming larger, especially between Muslim Albanians and Orthodox Christian Macedonians. This is partly a result of Macedonia's difficult transition to a market economy. The closure of inefficient state firms has hurt production and kr a sudden rise in unemployment, something largely unknown during communism. But it is the geopolitics of the southern Balkans that have had the most catastrophic effect on the country's economic development.

First, the United Nations sanctions against Yugoslavia, imposed from mid until the end ofcut Macedonia off from Serbia, ly its most important trading partner. Trading in violation of the sanctions was very common, but the flow of goods was still lower than the normal level of trade would have been with open borders.

On September 14,with the assistance of American mediators, Greece and Macedonia came to an interim agreement that involved a lifting of ro embargo in return for a changing of the flag.

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Despite this positive development, the embargo had already caused considerable damage to Macedonia by denying it access to the major port of the region, Thessoloniki. Greece's objections to Macedonia's name also delayed the country's entrance into major international organizations, such as the OSCE and Council of Europe. The lack mewsaging international recognition made it more difficult to obtain international credit and assistance from international monetary agencies like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Altogether, the United Nations estimates that the embargo and sanctions cost Macedonia U. The government claims that gross social product per capita fell from U. Others 34, 1.

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Another on-going dispute between the two countries involves the Macedonian minority living in Greece, some of whom identify themselves as Greek. As you can see, the vote of three Albanians is ot to the vote of one Macedonian. In addition, those that do exist, Albanians say, are generally of a lesser quality than the schools for ethnic Macedonians. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of theMacedonian government, under both domestic and international law, to grant full respect for minority rights and avoid discrimination along ethnic lines.

Today, the country cooperates with all of these institutions on a variety messaigng levels. In Septemberthe Serb representative on the council, Bosko Despotovic, reed in protest.

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In Macedonia, the situation is nowhere near as tragic. Members of the council are elected by parliament.

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Its biggest challenge, however, has been balancing the many competing forces that exert pressure on Macedonia, both at home and abroad. It should be noted that, in percentages, fewer ethnic Albanians apply for acceptance to the university. Relations with Bulgaria Bulgaria was one of the macedoniq countries to recognize the Macedonian state, but it still refuses to recognize the Macedonian people.

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In addition, the council's discussions have macwdonia had any substantial bearing on parliamentary debate. The primary reason for ethnic Albanians' poorer testhowever, is the lower quality of Albanian-language primary mesaging secondary schools.

The predominantly Albanian region of Kosovo - now controlled by Serbia - was an autonomous region with its own local parliament and an Zex university in the capital, Prishtina. ❶Greece's objections to Macedonia's name also delayed the country's entrance into major international organizations, such as the OSCE and Council of Europe. According to a detailed report conducted before the parliamentary frre by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems IFESMacedonia's electoral commission has recognized that some electoral districts represent approximately 6, voters while others represent as many as 17, Clearly, private schools on any level must fulfill the academic criteria established by the state.

Sulejmani claims that the university currently has 1, student and lecturers in six faculties. Underrepresentation in State Bodies There are currently nineteen ethnic Albanian deputies in the seat unicameral parliament, fifteen of whom are members of the Party for Democratic Prosperity PDP which participates in the ruling coalition.

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A very small of Albanians hold appointed positions in the ministries, state or local governments or the police. A similar proportion exists in Gostivar, another predominantly ethnic Albanian city. These included the new state's promise to respect minority rights, relinquish territorial claims and assure that it would not engage in hostile acts against another state. Despite these disagreements, both ethnic Albanian leaders and the Ministry of Education agree that there are serious problems with the quality of Albanian-language education in the country.

As mentioned above, the focus has been on improving the quality of ethnic Albanian teachers. The capital city is the little known Skopje, which means watchtower. Both sides have different interpretations of where the border really lies, and the U. In this respect, the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection against discrimination on any ground such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.|One2one cams Free macedonia camera sex This landlocked country has just over half a million population.

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